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Azul, Rojo and Verde [ADOPTED TOGETHER!!!]

[NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Almost nothing is more full personality and snuggles than an orange tabby !!!  These boys are about eight weeks.  Azul, Roho and Verde came to Illinois Humane when the r litter was abandoned on a roadside.  They have come along very well, and are active and love play time.  Vaccines are being administered as the litter comes of age to receive each booster.  They have been treated for parasites, internal and external.  Illinois Humane will provide for early age spay/neuter when the time comes.  However, all three kittens would like to find their forever home as soon as possible !  For more information and to set up a visit, contact info@illinoishumane.org

Azul, Roho and Verge


Kasima means "beauty and elegance" and for this girl, it also means friendly, curious, and playful. This pretty 2-year-old lady has a great out-going personality and is at ease with guests. Definite black stripes mark silver fur with touches of honey brown. Kasima has good inside manners and faithfully uses her scratching post and litter box. She is quite fond of her squeaky mouse (which she freed from the end of her fishing pole toy) and is quick to toss it about and wrestle it into submission. Her feelings about being around children and other cats are not known. However, this little lady would be a great companion as she likes to be close to her human. Kasima enjoys being petted and picked up for a quick cuddle.

Sometimes, when her foster parent is standing outside the apartment door getting ready to come in, Kasima will make greeting meows and chirps from the other side of the door.

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Kasima the Cat

Meet Leia

Leia is an incredible charmer. She is full of spirit and personality. Leia's ideal human will be one who is fully engaged with dogs, has good handling skills and just enjoys the heck out of a spirited pooch. The ideal two legger loves saving a portion of each day to be active with his or her dog. Leia has high prey drive and is more compatible with male dogs than female dogs.

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Leia the Dog

Be a Foster

Illinois Humane is currently in need of additional foster homes to accommodate a large number of cats that came in from a single investigations case. Many have no special needs other than to be loved.

Click here for the Illinois Humane foster home application. Email info@illinoishumane.org with any questions or for additional information.

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P.O. Box 512 : Springfield, Illinois 62705 : info@illinoishumane.org