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This beautiful girl is a young mix. Her true breed mix is unknown. What is known is that she is an affectionate girl who bonds well with her person. She weighs 54 pounds. Shay suffered an unfortunate accident while at the local animal control facility. While being walked by a volunteer she jumped and landed awkwardly, and broke her right hind leg. Illinois Humane recovered her from the animal control facility to facilitate needed care. She underwent surgery, her leg has healed well, has an excellent range of motion and is fully weight bearing. This young lady also has interesting daily patterns that our foster home is working through. She appears to be used to being handled and taken for walks during evening hours. She is not accustom to being out during the day, and startles easily. Things that startle her during the day do not startle her during evening hours. Shay came to the animal control center as a stray so her full background is unknown. She is crate trained. Shay enjoys the company of other dogs, and the presence of other dogs helps her to deal with daylight hours. Shay's ideal home will have another dog who enjoys canine companionship, and also a person who will continue to work with Shay to allow Shay to better assimilate during day light hours.



Squier, Dean and Gibson (prefer to adopt together)

Squier is a fun guy. He is vocal. He can be heard chirping and running at all hours, trying to get others to play with him. He loves to be pet. Once he bonds, he wants you to be part of his world. He will groom his favorite human. He is a very personable, sweet little man. Squier is 4-5 years old and weighs just under 12 pounds.

Due to the sore back, Squier is generally not wild about being picked up.

Mr. Dean is a beautiful cat. He is thought to be four to six years old. He weighs 13 pounds.

Dean is a very inquisitive cat who can problem solve just about anything (aka can open just about any door/cabinet). He is affectionate and very self confident. He has no problems running with the dogs. His foster mom adores his confidence!!

Dean was a little offstandish with the other kitties at first, so it is unknown if he would take to other cats quickly in a new home.

Gibson is thought to be 4 to 6 years old. He is a very handsome tabby. He weighs 10.5 pounds. Gibson's special need is that he has been diagnosed with stomatitis, a dental disease. At his young age he has already had several teeth extracted. After intake and original dental care, including needed extractions, Illinois Humane has been able to stabilize him with monitored good care.

Gibson was born to play! He is always looking for someone to play with. He is a fun guy to watch.

And, Mr. Gibson stops at nothing for food!

Gibson's one little hitch is that he is not always the best at drawing in his claws. For this reason, he is not a good match for young to mid-aged children, or individuals with thin skin or using blood thinners. He is a total sweetheart. He just doesn't always get it that he needs to draw in his claws.

Squier, Dean and Gibson, three kitties that came into Illinois Humane together and have been living in the same foster home, have become very bonded. They would be a wonderful, fun addition to a household, together. We would love to be able to keep them together.

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Squier, Dean and Gibson


Kasima means "beauty and elegance" and for this girl, it also means friendly, curious, and playful. This pretty 2-year-old lady has a great out-going personality and is at ease with guests. Definite black stripes mark silver fur with touches of honey brown. Kasima has good inside manners and faithfully uses her scratching post and litter box. She is quite fond of her squeaky mouse (which she freed from the end of her fishing pole toy) and is quick to toss it about and wrestle it into submission. Her feelings about being around children and other cats are not known. However, this little lady would be a great companion as she likes to be close to her human. Kasima enjoys being petted and picked up for a quick cuddle.

Sometimes, when her foster parent is standing outside the apartment door getting ready to come in, Kasima will make greeting meows and chirps from the other side of the door.

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 Kasima the Cat

Meet Leia (adopted!!!)

Leia's foster dad is one of Springfield's leading dog trainers.  What more could you ask of a dog's background !!  Her foster dad Nate knows this girl inside and out.  She is full of spirit and personality and yet very well trained.  She has a prey drive, as do a great many dogs.  For Leia, the benefit is that she has been trained with surrogate outlets for her drive, that reduce frustration.  While training the surrogate activity, rules and language are taught that are useful in day to day life.  Leia has all this under her belt.  Leia is a beautiful girl.  She is healthy.  She is a great size and weight, not too small nor very big.  Short hair.  She is a full adult, and now very well socialized.  The experience of visiting her to see if she is the right fit for you, and visiting with trainer foster dad Nate, is time well spent as you search for your next canine family member.

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Leia the Dog

Be a Foster

Illinois Humane is currently in need of additional foster homes to accommodate a large number of cats that came in from a single investigations case. Many have no special needs other than to be loved.

Click here for the Illinois Humane foster home application. Email info@illinoishumane.org with any questions or for additional information.

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