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Illinois: HB 315 Will Protect the Public and Stop the Killing!

This important bill would establish a program of reimbursements to veterinarians for the sterilization and rabies vaccination of dogs and cats of disadvantaged owners. The program would be funded through private donations, a voluntary individual income tax check-off and a $3 public safety fee on each rabies vaccination. The bill would help make communities safer by getting strays off the streets and getting more animals vaccinated. Each year $4.1 million would be generated for vaccinating, and spaying and neutering dogs and cats in Illinois.

We need your help to protect the public from vicious dogs and stop the killing at animal shelters. Call your private veterinarian today and ask him or her to call the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association in Springfield and ask them to support HB 315. (Unbelievably, there are indications that the ISVMA might not support this bill to increase the number of animals vaccinated and save the lives of Illinois dogs and cats!)

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PART 25 ANIMAL WELFARE ACT : Sections Listing

Myth: Female dogs and cats should have one litter before being spayed.

Female dogs and cats who have had litters or go through a heat period prior to spay surgery have an increased chance of developing malignant breast cancer later in life. So, allowing them to reproduce can actually negatively affect their health and longevity. Spaying completely eliminates the possibility of your female dog or cat developing ovarian and uterine cancer.





P.O. Box 512 : Springfield, Illinois 62705 : info@illinoishumane.org