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Illinois Humane offers a new service and possible fund-raiser

On Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1, Illinois Humane volunteers were at obedience trials at the Orr building . With them they had cards created by Michelle , a n Illinois Humane volunteer . Because of her love and understanding of animals and her artistic talent, these cards are one-of-a-kind and are well suited for fellow animal lovers to send on any occasion.

Many visitors to the IH table, manned by Jan Mier, Rose Hutches and Marion Richter, thought of great ways animal lovers could use the cards to help an animal-welfare organization. Thinking of not only the usual occasions one might send a card, one trial competitor said they would be just the thing to send to her sister when she gets her new puppy. Another thought they would be perfect for a friend in her training club who had just lost her 15-year-old Border collie.

There is no limit to the occasions these cards could be used for. Michelle can create a card for most anything. While no price has been set on the service, a donation of $10 is suggested. Not only is the card custom to the person and event, many of these cards have various elements which give them even more dimension. Decorative papers and carefully selected charms make these something to treasure.

An order form has been created that explains how a custom card can be ordered and sent. Fill in the occasion, specified wording, the recipient and their address and the preferred signature. (Much like an e-card only made even more special because it is truly an in-hand original piece of art.)

Using the product and service Michelle has created will help Illinois Humane with the funding for the special needs of its animals, and also provide an innovative way for animal lovers to show their love and concern.


Barb York's rescued greyhound, Jazzy, inspects Illinois Humane 's table manned by Jan Mier at the Capitol Canine Training Club.


P.O. Box 512 : Springfield, Illinois 62705 : info@illinoishumane.org